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Engineering Software Applications

IQ's Engineering Application development experience spans a number of highly regulated industries. From medical to energy, our team can provide a customer solution that not only provides critical functionality, but will conform to your company and industry quality guidelines. Many of our customers utilize this service as a key element of their product development cycle. Most of these applications either reside directly on a device or communicate to control hardware at a low level through a connection from a PC or laptop. The Engineering Applications team is highly skilled in taking your complex algorithms and calculations and integrating them into a software solution.

  • Scientific and Medical Applications
  • Requires complex logic and calculations
  • Interfaces with hardware
  • Used in regulated industries

Embedded Software Applications

With a critical value being placed on performance and efficiency, the Embedded Development team builds low level modules that provide essential functionality on our customers' commercial products. Similar to the Engineering Applications team, our team is very comfortable in highly regulated industries where quality and process are of the utmost importance. Our team is comfortable solving critical problems using software, while taking great care to work within the bounds of your hardware specifications.

  • Low level modules which execute directly on a device, also includes device UI
  • Key focus on optimization and performance

Business Software Applications

Our customers often face the challenge of making data available to key decision makers. The Business Applications team focuses on making that data available in just the right format. Many of these applications are made available in web-based and mobile environments. These tools must be cleverly designed to provide a highly productive, user-centric experience.

  • Focused on data management applications, productivity tools
  • Typically requires remote connectivity
  • User experience is critical

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team at IQ provides an invaluable service to both the IQ development teams and our customers. Through the validation and verification of software, this team ensures that your product meets specifications. Paying special attention to regulatory concerns, customers know that our work holds up under the scrutiny of an audit. Our Quality Assurance team can work either in tandem with our development teams or as an independent third-party to ensure your product meets the highest standards.

  • Validation and Verification of Software Functionality
  • Conformance to Quality and Regulatory Needs
  • Independent from Development Teams

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